2014 TFIJ Recap by Bryan Welsh

Cruisin’ The Junction


The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the finest big rigs in the nation, and this year’s Truck Function in Junction proved it once again! This year’s show and cruise, held on July 19th in Junction City, Oregon, was actually the second annual event, but with the huge rainstorms and windy weather during last year’s event, we could almost consider this year’s show and cruise the “real” first annual Truck Function in Junction! This year, Dan Alley, Randy Chizek, Brian and Teresa Austin and their families really out-did themselves, along with their crew of volunteers, by planning and executing such a great event.

Much to our pleasant surprise, we woke up Saturday morning to clear blue skies and warm temperatures, confirming our hopes that this year’s event would far exceed last year’s – and boy were we right! This year’s “Truck Function” welcomed almost 90 trucks, more than doubling last year’s count, and the size of the crowds almost doubled, as well. Everybody from young to old seemed to stop in to check out all of the fine rides parked in the Junction City High School parking lot for the “show” portion of the event.

A few of the local street rodders pulled up in their roadsters and realized that many of the trucks, like James Davis’ black and orange Pete 379 and Randy Chizek’s gray and black W900L dump truck, highly resembled their roadsters parked outside. As with most truck shows, the most enjoyable spectators to see are the kids and their excitement at seeing all of these giant and beautiful rides. Most of the kids had done laps around each truck several times before they even realized that there was a snow-cone stand!

By 10 a.m. almost the entire west side of the high school parking lot was packed – but the trucks kept pouring in! Before we knew it, trucks were filling the entire east side of the parking lot, as well. Heck, even an ambulance, owned and driven by Arlen Rexius, rolled in, along with a few of Rexius Forest By-Products’ other awesome lime green Kenworths. This year was also a big year for our good friend Ryan Van Dyke (aka “Mr. big 18-year-old CDL guy”). Ryan, along with his dad Brad and grandpa George, all helped to sponsor the event and showed up with a few of their impeccable turquoise-colored Petes, including Ryan making his maiden voyage in his 379 looking a lot like the one his dad Brad used to have.

Bill Latimer and RAM Trucking came down from Brownsville, Oregon to not only help sponsor the event but to cruise in his beautiful black A-Model KW long hood, as well – and it was an awesome sight to see. Again this year, like last, Mike and Susan Brown of Mike Brown Trucking helped sponsor the “Truck Function” and brought out their outstanding light blue long nose baby cab Pete log truck, right alongside the black and silver 2013 Pete 389 log truck driven by Arron Star, along with his little co-pilot, Wyatt Star.

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